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Good Makaan and Good Roti - Basic requirements for any migrant labor

India has over 6 crore migrant labor staying in urban areas. These are people who are leaving their villages, and in most cases families, behind in search of a better life. Their savings in Bangalore or Hyderabad or Delhi or other cities ensures that their family back home can lead a better life.


Getting a place to stay in cities is not easy. The available options are extremely unhygienic. Then when there is a place to stay, a group of friends/ co-workers have to get together to take the place on rent. The main aim for these people is saving money, so there are more people in that space that there should be. The next challenges arekeeping the place clean and food.

Give that most of the migrant labor do back breaking work everyday, it is extremely difficult for them to take time out to keep their place clean and cook healthy food. They end up just cooking one curry and roti or rice. An already unhygienic place becomes even more unhygienic and messy because no one is taking care of cleaning.


We are passionate about solving the problems for migrant labor. At an extremelyaffordable budget, we provide hygienic place, nutritious food and RO water. Each property also has an entertainment corner - TV, indoor games and a sitting area.

Good food, decent place to stay and clean drinking water might seem like a very basic requirement for anyone, but millions of migrant labor don't get even that. By giving them these basic necessities, we can improve their physical and mental health and improve their outlook towards life.

Our journey to improve the standard of living of migrant labor has just started and we hope we can impact millions of lives in times to come.