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Tikaana Technology

Tikaana Technology helping people get a better life!

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Building a better Bharat

Building a better Bharat, One person at a time.

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The Bharat Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has no barriers and this is proof of it.

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Co-living spaces for blue-collared workers

We are a pure-play operations company and we lease properties for either one or three years.

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Who is your closest buddy?

Who is your closest buddy? Which friend do you call when you need something at 2 AM?

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Good Makaan and Good Roti

India has over 6 crore migrant labor staying in urban areas. These are people who are leaving their villages, and in most cases families, behind in search of a better life.

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Tikaana Sahara Initiative covered on Republic TV

Hyd Techies Explain Their Initiative To Help Migrant Workers In India Tide Over COVID Battle

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Tikaana Sahara

Hyderabad techies arrange free food, shelter for migrants.

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