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The younger generation today wants great quality in every service they seek. The place they live in carries a far greater importance and the expectations are pretty high. The coliving space market is fast evolving and is growing at a breakneck speed. Tikaana is a new age coliving player growing rapidly through a mix of technology and excellent service.

We are looking to partner with Property Owners, Hostel/ PG Owners and individuals/ organizations and Colleges.

Property Owners : If you wish to have your property look like a brand new one even after five years, reach out to us. We give your property a facelift, maintain it like it is our Home and ensure that our residents who stay in the property are always happy. We foster positivity in your property.

Partner with us

Hostel/ PG Owners : If you wish to steer clear of the crowd in hostel/ PG space, Tikaana is your right partner. We would work with you to bring your place up to the world class standards of coliving spaces, have great operations teams, ensure that the quality of service is always high and the residents are always happy. This takes great care of your finances too.

Individuals/ Organizations : Are you looking for an entrepreneurial adventure or add a new line of business that can bring you consistent returns? Tikaana offers you unique opportunity to do exactly that.

Colleges : Managing your college hostel is a serious challenge on multiple fronts - personnel, safety & security, food, maintenance etc. Tikaana helps you take those challenges off your plate and let's you focus on other important efforts.

Please call/message/whatsapp us on +91 7680075651 or email us at raghu@tikaana.com