Use of technology to change the way 10 crore migrant workers live

More than 100 million migrant workers live in rental accommodation (company-paid or self-paid). This happens in two forms – taking a place on rent without any facilities or staying in a hostel/ PG. The supply of the spaces comes from landlords and hostel/ PG operators who have a mind of their own. There is no standardization in terms of the facilities or the service. Tracking the service issues is also not possible. Tikaana changes this landscape with the help of Technology and Operations expertise.

Tikaana provides a seamless experience across the entire lifecycle – search, selection, onboarding, daily issues, payments and exit.

Search: On , any individual/ business can search for beds - starting from 1 bed to even a few thousands. You can raise a request if you don’t see the availability.

Selection: The customer gets the list of properties that match their criteria, along with pics, amenities provided, pricing, location etc. The customer can then select the property(ies) that match their requirements. All this gets done in just a few clicks and in less than 10 minutes.

Onboarding: Each individual is assigned a room and a bed. In case of bulk bookings, all the details are shared on the email with the concerned person. Each resident will then get a login account for the Tikaana app.

Service: We are productizing the entire service at Tikaana. Each resident gets access to the Tikaana app using which they can contact helpdesk, get invoices, payment updates, get events info etc.

Engagement: We also have a community team that plans for social events inside each of the properties. Volleyball courts, Box Cricket, Carroms, Projectors with OTT, TT, Darts and many other fun activities are part of our residents' life. All the updates are available on the Tikaana app.

We are truly improving the quality of life for migrant workers. Follow Tikaana Coliving to get all such updates.