Who is your closest buddy?       

Which friend do you call when you need something at 2 AM?

Which phase of your life is the most memorable?

There is a very good chance that the answer to all the above questions has a connection to your college. College life is probably the most memorable period of everyone’s life. The friendships, fun and lifelong memories make it extremely special. Those 3 to 6 years (depending on how many and what course one studies). Professional career starts after the college and generally is very busy and starts new friendships, but college still holds a very important place in every one’s heart.

Do you want to continue adding to the college friendship memories?

We are starting a special division called the Tikaana College Connect. These are coliving spaces where alumni of a college can stay, all in one amenity filled building. We will be creating exclusive buildings for your college. These properties can range from 50 beds to 500 beds, depending on the size of your alumni who are interested in this. We are open to doing it in multiple locations. This will be your hangout zone as well. Even guys who don’t stay in that place can come and hangout.

If you are interested, please drop us an email at raghu@tikaana.com. We will move heaven and earth to ensure that you relive the best moments of your life again.