I got a call from one of our Tikaana properties that the Security Guard manning the property setup a mini general store selling snacks, soaps and other essentials for the residents.

For the first instance I was livid on who gave them the permission to do it, then it started becoming an interesting chain of thought. The entrepreneur in me started taking over the chain of thought.

It was an institutional accommodation and there were restrictions on in-out timings for the residents, but the residents wanted to still venture out for small things. The guard addressed multiple things at the same time - compliance and not letting go of a potential business opportunity. SMART MOVE!!!!

It also inspired us to explore opportunities to explore non traditional revenue generation opportunities at our properties.

We at Tikaana ran a business ideas contest for our residents before COVID-19 and the response was amazing, converting a problem to a business idea and execution is the core of any startups inception, hats off to the guard who did that and salute to her entrepreneurship spirit.

Entrepreneurship has no barriers and this is proof of it, we will continue to tap into this vast pool of migrant worker population who stay with us and try to support their ideas.

(Karthik is the Co-founder & CBO of Tikaana)